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BRL to USDT TRC20: Change PIX BRL to Tether TRC20

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Exchanging PIX BRL to USDT is a simple and convenient way to get cryptocurrency for trading on exchanges, creating digital savings or making payments online. The ratio of Brazilian real and stablecoin exchange rates makes their conversion as profitable as possible. To exchange assets in this direction with minimal commission and fast receiving of funds, it is enough to use the functionality of Nova Change crypto exchange.

PIX payment system features

The PIX platform offers a wide range of opportunities to use reals in a digital environment. Created by the Central Bank of Brazil in 2020, this payment system allows online transfers to more than 200 countries and easy conversion of real money from deposit accounts and cards of local banks into digital assets.

Using the PIX service for BRL transactions offers the following benefits:

  • round-the-clock availability - 24/7;
  • minimal commission fee;
  • instant execution of all transactions;
  • no limits on the total amount;
  • full compliance with Brazilian legislation.

The convenience of working with the PIX system is ensured by the B2BPay mobile application and the ability to use different payment confirmation methods: taxpayer number (CPF/CNPJ), unique 32-digit code (UUID), e-mail or phone.

Benefits of exchanging reals to USDT stablecoin

USDT TRC20 is a popular cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar exchange rate. Its issuer is a company called Tether Limited. Stablecoin was created in 2015 on the Tron blockchain and operates under the TRC20 standard. The volume of the cryptocurrency present in the online circulation is about 84 billion tokens. Each of them is backed by real money or its equivalent in securities.

The popularity of USDT (TRC20) is based on such advantages:

  • support by various wallets and exchanges;
  • minimal commission for internal transactions;
  • possibility to transfer small amounts;
  • stable exchange rate due to the US dollar backing;
  • high speed of transactions.

The exchange of PIX BRL to USDT tokens is ideal for both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency users. After all, the Tether stablecoin is a universal financial instrument that can be exchanged for other digital assets, transferred to other blockchain users, and used to pay for various goods and services.

Fast exchange of BRL to USDT stablecoin via Nova Change service

The functionality of our platform provides a convenient set of tools for converting fiat money to digital currency and vice versa. The website calculator will help you to quickly familiarize yourself with the exchange rate, available reserve, commission and other conditions. To convert BRL to USDT, simply specify the amount and details, pay for the application and receive the tokens within a few minutes.

Nova Change exchange service offers users the following advantages:

  • Transparent policy. Information about limits, available reserves, exchange rates and other conditions is available before the transaction. The status of the request can be tracked.
  • Favorable conditions. We charge a small commission for the services. We give discounts to new users, and regular customers are given cashback under the loyalty program.
  • Guaranteed security. We use reliable data encryption technologies and maintain complete confidentiality.
  • Instant processing. Our platform is available to users around the clock. Transactions are processed immediately after payment is received or within 15-30 minutes.
  • User-friendly interface. The exchange form and personal user cabinets are adapted to work from a PC, smartphone or laptop, which makes working with the service very convenient.

Registration is not required to exchange Brazilian reals to USDT (TRC20)! All you need to do is enter the necessary data in the appropriate fields and form an application following the web page recommendations. If you need any advice, give us a call or contact us via online chat.