Change USD Coin Arbitrum to PIX BRL

USDC Arbitrum to BRL: Change USD Coin Arbitrum to PIX BRL

Our service helps to make any exchange safely and quickly.

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Min:  10.00  -  Max:  8000.00
Rate: 1: 5.34
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Reserve:  439276.00
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Change USD Coin USDC to PIX BRL

To exchange, you need to perform several steps:

  1. Read the terms and conditions of the contract for the provision of services, by pressing the «Start exchange» button you confirm agreement «Conditions of Use».
  2. Fill in all fields of the submitted form. Click the button «Start exchange».
  3. Pay the request. To do this, you should make a transfer of the required amount, following the instructions on our website.
  4. After performing the specified actions, the system will move you to the "Request status" page, where the status of your transfer will be specified