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USDT TRC20 to BRL: Change Tether TRC20 to PIX BRL

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Exchanging USDT Stablecoin to PIX BRL provides enhanced opportunities for making payments and transfers around the world. The digital Brazilian real can be easily cashed out with a bank card or used for online payments. Due to the high stability of the exchange rate, it is also great for trading and investing in other assets, which can be used to increase savings and create new sources of income.

Distinctive features of USDT (TRC20) stablecoin

Tether TRC20 USDT is a stable cryptocurrency whose rate is equated to the value of the US dollar. The stablecoin is based on the Chinese Tron blockchain and operates under the TRC20 technical standard. It was launched in 2015 and has been issued in the amount of 83.7 billion tokens. The cryptocurrency is issued by Hong Kong-based Tether Limited on the basis of a deposit made by the investor and is backed by reserves held in the form of real dollars and various securities.

Stablecoin USDT (TRC20) has the following advantages:

  • exchange rate stability due to fiat backing;

  • support by various cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets;

  • possibility of transferring small amounts;

  • fast transactions in any direction;

  • low commission for transactions within the blockchain.

The simple exchange of USDT for PIX BRL and other fiat money makes it easy to cash out digital assets and diversify your investment portfolio. At the same time, Tether tokens can be used as a standard means of payment for goods, services and other resources.

Specific features of exchanging Tether (USDT) TRC20 to real through the PIX system

The PIX payment system is the most convenient tool for transactions with Brazilian real. The service was created in 2020 by the Central Bank of Brazil to make electronic payments as fast, cheap and safe as possible. The system makes transfers to deposit accounts of local banks and has a functional B2BPay application.

The exchange of Tether USDT to BRL through the PIX payment service has the following features:

  • the fee for individuals is minimal or completely absent;

  • you can use different methods of transaction confirmation;

  • operations are carried out in 24/7 mode with instant crediting of funds;

  • security of operations is ensured by centralized management;

  • there are no restrictions on the minimum size of transfers and payments.

To use PIX BRL, you need a taxpayer number (CPF/CNPJ) and a special key in the form of a random code (UUID), phone number or email.

Advantages of TRC20 USDT to BRL exchange in Nova Change service

Our platform offers favorable conditions for transferring cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa. We provide full access to information about limits, reserve, commission and exchange rate, which will allow you to immediately assess the benefits of the transaction. With the help of a special calculator you can convert USDT (TRC20) to real in just a couple of clicks! Just specify the required amount, your CPF number and PIX payment system key.

NovaChange crypto exchange offers the following benefits of cooperation:

  • handles requests automatically with instant crediting of funds;

  • provides convenient access to the platform from PCs and smartphones;

  • orients on the exchange rates of leading international exchanges;

  • carries out transactions around the clock - 24/7;

  • does not require mandatory registration and complex verification;

  • uses the latest encryption technologies;

  • guarantees complete confidentiality of personal data;

  • gives discounts to beginners and make cashback to regular customers;

  • provides consultations and technical support;

  • offers low commissions on all types of exchanges.

Looking for a profitable and reliable way to exchange Tether USDT to BRL? Create an online request on our website and instantly receive Brazilian currency to your account!