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Transfer of USDT (ERC20) to Ethereum is in great demand among cryptocurrency owners. This direction is especially favored by private investors aiming to earn passive income on the change in the value of the digital asset. Besides, Ethereum is often purchased for virtual dollars for profitable international transfers, trading on crypto exchanges, payment for various services and goods on the Internet.

Dollar Stablecoin USDT (ERC20)

Tether ERC20 USDT is a highly liquid cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin blockchain and powered by the Ethereum technical standard. Stablecoin appeared in 2015 and is owned by Hong Kong-based iFinex Inc. The tokens issued into circulation are backed by US dollar reserves, and their value is determined by the current exchange rate of the US currency.

The main advantages of the USDT ERC20 steblecoin are:

  • stable value due to the availability of fiat reserves;

  • high speed of receiving and sending funds;

  • decentralized operation of the blockchain platform;

  • the possibility of making transactions without verification;

  • high level of transparency and accountability of transactions.

Compatibility with other platforms provides an easy exchange of USDT (ERC20) to Etherium, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can convert stablecoins both online and offline - with the help of a mobile wallet.

Benefits of Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency

Ethereum is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on the peer-to-peer platform of the same name and using the Ethash algorithm to validate transactions. It emerged in 2013 and is the primary blockchain for DeFi applications. A rapid influx of investments and massive purchases have contributed to its rising value and popularity among digital asset owners.

Exchanging Tether USDT to Ethereum offers following advantages:

  • high accessibility of cryptocurrency;

  • stability due to large capitalization of ETH;

  • fast processing and execution of transactions;

  • use of smart contracts;

  • multilingual technical support.

MetaMask, Guarda and other wallets are used to store Ethereum. After the exchange, the digital currency can be used to send to other members of the system, converted into fiat money, as well as utilized for other operations.

Benefits of exchanging Tether to ETH with Nova Change

Our crypto exchange offers attractive conditions for buying and selling digital currencies, as well as their withdrawal to bank cards. The calculator we have created allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the available reserve, commission, current exchange rate and other terms of the transaction. With its help, you can immediately exchange USDT (ERC20) to ETH by specifying the required amount and Ethereum email address in the corresponding lines.

Cooperation with Nova Change service is beneficial and comfortable:

  • Transparent terms and conditions. We provide clients with complete information about limits, reserves, commissions and other conditions before performing a transaction, which guarantees our integrity.

  • High security. We use cutting-edge data encryption technologies. We do not store personal information of users and do not share it with third parties.

  • Promptness. We accept and process requests in 24/7 mode. Most of the operations are carried out automatically with an instant deposit of funds to the wallet.

  • Loyalty. We give discounts to beginners and make cashback to regular customers. We do not require compulsory registration and verification for exchange operations.

  • Accessibility. The interface of our website is adapted for user-friendly work from a PC, laptop or smartphone. We provide consultations and round-the-clock technical support.

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