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XRP to BRL: Change XRP Ripple to PIX BRL

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Exchanging XRP Ripple to BRL via the popular PIX payment system allows you to quickly cash out or diversify your digital assets. The conversion is almost instantaneous and has minimal restrictions. The received Brazilian real can be withdrawn into real money via bank card or used as a regular means of payment online. BRL is also convenient to replenish fiat wallets on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Global cryptocurrency XRP from Ripple

XRP is an internal cryptocurrency of the international payment system Ripple, established in 2013 by Ripple Labs Inc. The tokens are issued in full (there is no more issuance) and stored on special wallets (Ripplex, GateHub and Ledger). Each XRP coin is backed by different assets (commodities, money) and is split into one million units called drops.

Cryptocurrency payment system of Ripple has the following advantages:

  • no inflation due to limited issuance;

  • high stability due to cooperation with banks;

  • solid level of protection against counterfeiting and cyberattacks;

  • decentralized operation of the network (without the participation of the founding company);

  • possibility to cancel or edit a transaction;

  • storage of history (exchanges, purchases, sales) within the wallet;

  • high speed of transactions and favorable commissions.

XRP Ripple tokens are among the top five largest cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization and they demonstrate stable growth. Due to this, they are in high demand among investors and are actively used for cross-border bank transfers in the USA, UK, Japan, South Korea and Middle East countries.

Benefits of XRP Ripple to Brazilian real exchange through the PIX system

PIX is a popular payment system launched by the Central Bank of Brazil in 2020. The service has its own mobile application, B2BPay, with e-wallets and allows for fast payments in over 200 countries. The system cooperates with local banks and is the main tool for conducting money transactions using the digital fiat currency BRL, the value of which is linked to the exchange rate of the Brazilian real.

Conducting transactions through the PIX service has the following advantages:

  • instant execution of transactions - in real time;

  • no restrictions on the minimum amount of payment or transfer;

  • 24/7 availability - transactions are carried out around the clock and daily;

  • possibility of use by non-residents and offshore companies;

  • full compliance with the current legislation of Brazil.

It is possible to receive BRL payments and transfers through the PIX system only to a deposit or debit account opened in one of the Brazilian banks. Meanwhile, various keys can be used to confirm the exchange of XRP Ripple to real, including phone, email, taxpayer number (CPF/CNPJ) or a randomly generated UUID code.

Advantages of XRP to BRL token exchange in Nova Change service

The functionality of our platform allows you to convert cryptocurrency into fiat on the most favorable terms. The calculator offered on the website will provide full information about the exchange rate, commission and available reserve. To transfer Ripple (XRP) to BRL, specify the required amount, your CPF and PIX payment system key. Requests are processed automatically, which guarantees fast crediting of funds to the specified account.

The use of Nova Change crypto exchange has the following advantages:

  • constant availability of large reserves in all directions;

  • online exchange transactions on 24/7 basis;

  • synchronization of exchange rates with international exchanges;

  • transparent transaction conditions and low commissions;

  • secure methods of encryption and processing of personal data;

  • loyalty programs with discounts and cashback for regular customers;

  • no need for verification and registration.

Explore the capabilities of our service and conduct secure digital asset exchanges with instant crediting of funds!